September 17, 2015

Fraser Well Management visit Seajacks Hydra Jack-up Vessel.

Well Engineers and Drilling Supervisors from FWM visited Seajacks for a tour of the Jack-up Vessel Kraken, hosted by Seajacks HSEQ Manager John Vingoe. As part of ongoing well abandonment studies, FWM personnel were keen to evaluate the capabilities of the vessel for Southern North Sea well abandonment campaigns. FWM Well Engineering Manager Donald MacArthur said “It is important for our personnel to become familiar with the various vessel and rig options available for platform and standalone well abandonments. We appreciate the time John spent with our operations team and the openness of the Seajacks personnel we met.”



FWM Engineers visit Seajacks

June 2, 2015

Fraser Well Management’s cost-effective quality solutions for North Sea decommissioning

Well project management specialist Fraser Well Management answered government and energy industry calls to generate the most cost-effective safe solutions for the task of decommissioning redundant North Sea platforms and wells.

Fraser Well Management demonstrated savings of 30-40 per cent on its rig-based abandonments compared to similar well abandonments by its peer group by showcasing its track record in low-cost, top-quality plugging and abandonment (P&A) of wells, one of the major costs of decommissioning, at the Decom Offshore Conference 2015 in Aberdeen. Fraser Well Management promoted its 10 years’ experience and expertise focusing on the next chapter of North Sea activity, estimated to cost tens of billions of pounds in the next 25 years.

The Great Yarmouth-based company has completed three standalone end of life P&A projects and 30 well abandonments, including a range of subsea, standalone and platform development wells. The low cost operation, supported by its outstanding competency and safety record, puts the company among the leaders poised to start the process of plugging and abandoning the 5,000 wells and 600 platforms in the North Sea.

Managing Director Douglas Nunn and Commercial Manager Paul Collins met new contacts and established partners and operators.

Mr Nunn said: “We were pleased with the recognition of our company and what we do among delegates at Decom Offshore. People know us and acknowledge the quality and cost-effectiveness of our work and like our models for project managing P&A in decommissioning.

“With evidence from the rig based abandonments performed to date, we estimate that, through the utilisation of our contracting strategies and operational performance, we have realised savings of between 30-40% compared with similar well abandonments performed by our peer group.

“Our expertise in P&A and long term well integrity is second to none. Our reputation is based upon completing the work in a professional manner leaving no well integrity problems for the future.

“Decommissioning is a big focus for us and we are working on several different angles for our decommissioning offering to operators.”

“We are looking forward to continuing this mammoth task in the North Sea.”

Fraser Well Management has built its reputation on its consistent high quality outcomes and outstanding value for money.
Business development manager Nick Ford said the company’s key offering to operators was its ability to drive down costs supported by the competency and skills of its personnel.

Fraser Well Management has an unblemished record of full design-and-drill services for the oil & gas industries and project management. Formerly Fraser Offshore, the company has driven more than $1bn of business in its portfolio of exploration and production drilling including subsea and horizontal wells and complex well abandonments.

May 21, 2015

Fraser Well Management starts drilling operations with InfraStrata plc


Well drilling and project management specialist Fraser Well Management has begun drilling operations on a salt well for the AIM listed InfraStrata plc on behalf of Islandmagee Storage Limited in Northern Ireland.

A Fraser Well Management team is managing the drilling operations at the Islandmagee – 1 well on the shores of Larne Lough . The objective is for data gathering to confirm the feasibility of a strategically important underground gas storage facility in leached salt caverns. During the drilling campaign, Fraser Well Management will provide project management from its operations base in Great Yarmouth and well-site supervision and personnel at Islandmagee-1.

Fraser Well Management’s project Drilling Superintendent, said: “This is an exciting project for both InfraStrata and Fraser Well Management. It presents us with an opportunity to demonstrate how companies with aligned goals can be mutually successful. We’re looking forward to continuing the relationship with InfraStrata for future wells.”

The Islandmagee – 1 drilling will lead to wireline data and samples of permian salt being analysed to determine the design and cost of the storage project

The project is recognised on a European level as a strategically important asset that will improve the security of supply and increase flexibility available in the gas markets in Great Britain, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland and enable greater interconnectivity across these three neighbouring markets, while supporting the achievement of national renewable and carbon reduction targets.”

April 10, 2015

Fraser Well Management completes Perenco wells

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Fraser Well Management have successfully completed a two-well campaign for Perenco UK in the Southern North Sea.

The seven-month campaign, using the Transocean GSF Monarch jackup, drilled a subsea well on the Leman field (Quad 53) and a platform well on the Hoton field (Quad 48). Drilling started in July 2014 and completed at the end of March 2015.

The campaign operations were managed by Fraser Well Management Drilling Superintendents Donald MacArthur and Jonathan Speed-Andrews, reporting to the Perenco UK Drilling Manager, and involved a total of 12 Fraser Well Management staff.

Mr MacArthur said: “The integration of Perenco and Fraser Well Management personnel created a high quality team, delivering two producing wells in challenging fields with excellent operational and safety performance.”

This is the second campaign Fraser Well Management has managed for Perenco, the first delivered wells on the Tyne and Inde fields in 2012.