WIP Track®

The 2009 Montara and 2010 Macondo blowouts were watershed events for the offshore drilling industry, with tragic and costly outcomes. Well control hazards have not diminished. The oil and gas industry continues to face skills shortages and increasing well complexity. Companies with exposure to well control risks must take steps to manage this changing picture of corporate risk.

The WIP® Track service is designed for non operating partners, rig owners and insurers, providing an auditable and cost-effective service to minimise liability for well control risk. Developed in conjunction with an international drilling contractor, WIP® Track applies expert well engineering resources via a secure intranet link to verify well designs, drilling programmes and barrier status on a real-time basis. WIP® Track is by no means constrained to the UKCS having been used on 5 different rigs on 14 wells in locations ranging from the Norwegian sector to the South China Sea.

WIP® Track can be tailored to suit the clients requirements, it typically reviews wellbore barriers, well integrity and  change management on a daily basis. The same process can be used alongside the FWM peer review and due diligence services for end-to-end assurance.